Consequences of Using Your Cell Phone While Driving in Kansas and Missouri

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What would you say if asked to participate in the 100-yard dash blindfolded down a busy highway? Common sense says probably not, yet it is common to see people driving at all speeds and looking at their cell phones. But you only just glance at your phone, so is it ok? Think again. Reading the average text takes your eyes off the road for five seconds, which is long enough to run that 100-yard dash blindfolded at a speed of 55 mph. Using your cell phone while driving is dangerous; let’s look at some of the consequences in Kansas and Missouri. 


  • Distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives in 2021.
  • Many drivers acknowledge distracted driving as risky but fail to recognize their behavior as dangerous.
  • Nearly 303 million people in the United States have cell phones. At any moment during the daylight hours, more than 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a hand-held cell phone.
  • A study by AAA revealed that electronics use is the leading source of distraction for teen drivers.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety,



  • Ban on all cell phone use, including hands-free for drivers 21 years and younger.
  • All drivers are prohibited from texting while driving.
  • Fines of $60-$120 and points on your driving record.


  • Ban on driving and texting for drivers 21 years and younger.
  • Fines of $200 and points on your driving record for drivers 21 years and younger.

In Kansas and Missouri, using your cell phone while driving increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The NHTSA’s:  U DRIVE. U TEXT. U PAY.  has partnered with law enforcement’s High Visibility Enforcement Mobilization  (HVE) initiative to aid law enforcement officers in keeping distracted drivers off the road. 

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