Helpful Tips to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Kansas and Missouri

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Speeding tickets are the most common violation in all 50 states.  The cost of a speeding ticket in Kansas and Missouri can affect more than just your wallet if you plead guilty.  After a ticket or citation has been issued, the driver has 30 days to either plead guilty and pay the fine or plead not guilty and attend traffic court.  By pleading guilty, drivers in both Kansas and Missouri are agreeing to have the ticket be on their driving records for a minimum of three years, to paying increased car insurance and to have points (Missouri) taken away from their driving record or having moving violations( Kansas) added to their record.  If you are reading this information, then you have probably already received a speeding ticket.  Need some helpful tips to fight a speeding ticket in Kansas and Missouri?  You have come to the right place.

  1. It is important to always verify the details and accuracy immediately after given the ticket in the case that detail needs to be changed by the officer.  If an inaccuracy is found after the officer has left, document in as much detail as possible the correct circumstances.
  2. If you legitimately feel that you should not have been given a ticket, strengthen your defense with documentation.  Utilize your cell phone camera to take pictures of the speed limit sign if it was hidden from view, or the exact place you were pulled over i.e. flashing school zone sign v. not.
  3. Read ALL of the fine print/documentation on your ticket.  If there is language that you don’t understand, look it up; have knowledge of what you are signing and paying.  But remember that by conveniently paying the ticket online, your ticket does not disappear, it admits your guilty, goes on your driving record for three years and increases your insurance cost.
  4. Think about the consequences.  You have a 30-day window to either plead not guilty or guilty by paying the fine.  Decide whether you want to fight the speeding ticket by requesting a trial or attending the traffic court date listed on the ticket.  Then, decide if you will need a lawyer to represent you.  Hiring a lawyer will incur additional fees and does not guarantee you will be proven not guilty; however, a lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea agreement to lessen the offense of your ticket financially as well as on your record.
  5. How a speeding ticket affects your driving license/record.


The state of Missouri uses a point system to manage individual driving records.   The points assessed if caught speeding (more than 5 MPH over the posted limit) are:

The Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privileges following:

    • Eight points in 18 months

The Department of Revenue will revoke your driving privileges following:

    • 12 or more points in 12 months
    • 18 or more points in 24 months
    • 24 or more points in 36 months


The state of Kansas does not use a point system to manage driving records but instead considers speeding tickets as moving violations, (

The Department of Revenue will automatically suspend your license for one year following:

    • Three moving violations in 12 months

The above helpful tips for fighting a speeding in Kansas and Missouri are very brief for the nature of the content.  Understanding how a speeding ticket effects your driving record, insurance costs, possible lost job opportunities, and limited driving privileges are important, yet hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney may be what you need. Contact the Law Offices of Reginald Keith Davis to help you fight your speeding ticket in Kansas or Missouri.  Here you will receive experienced and skilled legal representation you can trust and rely on.