Important Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury cases are rarely cut and dry and often require testimony from witnesses involved both directly and/or indirectly.  There are three types of important witnesses in personal injury cases; eye-witnesses to the event causing the personal injury, those that are witnesses to the injury’s effect, and expert witnesses.  Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney at law to help you determine the value of important witnesses is just as crucial to the success of your case as the witness testimonies themselves.  


Eye-Witness:  Eye-witnesses to the actual event or accident that caused the personal injury can provide third party, objective testimony.  Eye-witnesses at the scene of a traffic accident, for example, may be able to distinguish which driver or if necessary, a pedestrian was at fault better than those directly involved in the accident.   If you are able to obtain contact information from an eye-witness or direct them to officers on scene, their testimony may be useful.  Eye-witnesses should have no vested interest in your personal injury case outcome.


Personal Injury Effect Witness:  The amount that a personal injury can affect your life is both subjective and objective.  Subjectively, as the person affected, you will be able to provide first-hand accounts of how your activities of daily life have been affected, provide medical documentation, and loss of work.  Objectively, other people can provide detailed information on the adverse effect of physical injuries they observe as well as emotional changes; not all personal injuries are obvious to the injured individual.  These type of witnesses can be significant others, family members, or co-workers to name a few.


Expert Witnesses:  Expert witnesses are distinctively different from the previously described witnesses. Expert witnesses are individuals with advanced skills or knowledge in an area specifically pertaining to the type of personal injury.  This type of witness can testify for either side of a personal injury case in helping to determine the actuality of injury, lifetime injury effect, loss of wages or define complicated terminology.  Determining whether or not expert witnesses are qualified or necessary is best suited for an experienced personal injury attorney at law.


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