Uber Auto Accident Claims

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Uber is the largest rideshare service available, operating in 600 cities across 78 countries with an average of 15 million rides given per day, (recode.net).  There are multiple studies and statistics surrounding Uber and the number of auto accidents its drivers have incurred; however, the purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of Uber auto accident claims.

As a passenger or third party injured in an accident involving an Uber partner-driver, it is important to stay calm at the scene of the accident.  As a passenger, if you are unable to get out of the vehicle safely, don’t.  Assess yourself and others for injuries and call 911.  Stay calm and document as much information as possible, providing facts not speculations to law enforcement.  Finally, seek medical care even if cleared by medical personnel at the scene of the accident.  On occasion, injuries sustained during an auto accident do not present immediately.

Uber auto accident claims are undeniably complicated and should never be navigated by individuals without legal representation.  According to uber.com, Uber partner-drivers are required to have personal automobile insurance on all vehicles they operate prior to being hired.  Uber partner-drivers are provided insurance coverage by Uber while on the platform both waiting for a request and after a request has been accepted.  The coverage is different and limits vary by state and liability, but it is at least $1,000,000 per accident after a request has been accepted.

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