I am a victim of a crime. Do I need an attorney in criminal court?

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Being the victim of any type of crime leaves people with a feeling of vulnerability, decreased safety, and often a financial loss. There is not a law that states that the victim is required to have independent legal representation, as each case is assigned a prosecuting attorney by the state. However, the criminal justice system does not always support the comprehensive needs of the victim, while representing the state and community in criminal court. This leads to the question if the victim of a crime needs an attorney in criminal court.

There is an extensive list of offenses that fall under criminal law. Generally, a prosecuting attorney will be assigned to review the case in detail including all associated police records, and witness accounts, define the charges, and prosecute the crime in criminal court. At this time, only the defendant or perpetrator is assigned an attorney to represent them. In some situations, the victim’s goals may be different from the prosecuting attorney’s goals i.e. probation vs jail time, or restitution deserved as a result of the crime.

Hiring and working with a private attorney who understands the criminal justice system to be an advocate for the victim may be the only answer to having their needs be seen and heard.  Often, victims of crime suffer trauma, physical and emotional injuries, or property damage as a result of the crime. This damage may be grounds for a civil case, which can be tried after the criminal case has been closed. 

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