Top 4 Common Personal Injury Cases

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A personal injury in a broad definition is any type of physical or mental injury to a person with either short or long term consequences.  Personal injury claims result in millions of dollars in compensation for individuals who have experienced lost wages, pain, suffering and emotional distress related to the injury.  The top 4 common personal injury cases can be categorized under work related injuries, medical malpractice, slips, trips and falls, and auto accidents.

  1. Work Related:  According to the United States Department of Labor & the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,953,500 total recordable non-fatal personal injury cases reported in 2014 across the United States in the private industry sector.  These non-fatal personal injuries range from musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome to back injuries to slips and falls, (
  1. Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice as defined by is a term to describe the improper or poor performance of a physician, dentist or other medical professional.   There are several types of medical malpractice personal injuries including but not limited to secondary infections, medication errors, injuries sustained at birth, neglect, and surgical errors.
  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls: Slips, trips, and falls can occur to anyone anywhere and can result in a minor contusion or bruise to a catastrophic injury that is life altering.  These “premise liability” cases can occur on residential, commercial, or government property.  According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls are the number one cause of accidental injury, with total injuries estimated at $13-14 million per year in the U.S., (
  1. Automobile Related: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2013 that approximately 2,000,000 people were injured in a car accident, (  Automobile accidents can include car, motorcycle, truck or pedestrian vs automobile and can range from drunk driving, distracted driving, or aggressive driving accidents.

The above top 4 common personal injury cases are not the only causes of personal injury.  If you or your loved ones have suffered injury as a result of the negligence, recklessness or serious misconduct of others contact the Law Offices of Reginald Keith Davis.   Here you will receive skilled, experienced legal representation from someone you can trust and rely on.