Hit and Run Accidents: Civil and Criminal Consequences

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By definition, a hit and run accident is when someone flees the scene of an accident with a pedestrian, vehicle or other property in an attempt to evade responsibility.  There are both civil and criminal consequences associated with a hit and run accident and in most states if the fleeing driver is caught, the punitive damages will be financially severe with the possibility of jail or prison time.  

Being involved in an automobile accident can be both physically and emotionally overwhelming regardless if it was unintentional.  There is no defensible excuse to ever flee the scene of the accident as all drivers are deemed knowledgeable and held legally accountable for their responsibilities following an accident, yet it still occurs for several reasons.

Criminal consequences vary state to state and are dependent on damage or injuries sustained by the other driver or property.  Typically, a misdemeanor is classified as minor damage to property or basic injury to someone else involved and is punishable by a monetary fine and/or jail time.  A felony is charged when another person suffers significant bodily harm or death and is punishable by a monetary fine and a possible prison sentence.  Following any hit and run accident or charge, the defendants drivers license will be suspended immediately.

Civil consequences and liability will be in the form of a civil injury lawsuit with punitive damages being recovered by the injured person.  Punitive damages could include compensation for emotional and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of wages.  It is a possibility to face both criminal and civil consequences following a hit and run accident.

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