What if I am Injured in a Car Accident by a Drunk Driver?

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Car accidents caused by an intoxicated or impaired driver often result in serious injuries.  According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), close to 11,000 people lost their lives in a car accident involving a drunk driver this past year.  Alcohol-impaired driving continues to be one of the largest safety issues on the road and is widely one of the most preventable. If you have been injured in a car accident with a drunk driver, and you’re asking yourself what’s next.  Keep reading. 

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What if I am injured in a car accident by a drunk driver?

Injuries sustained in a car accident with an impaired or drunk driver are often more serious or life-threatening due to the nature of the accident. The at-fault driver will be tested at the scene of the accident if possible, and If found to be driving over the legal limit of .08% BAC (blood alcohol content), they will be arrested and will face criminal charges from the state.

It is important to differentiate that to receive compensation, victims will need to file in civil court against the driver, separate from the criminal charges filed by the state prosecutor. The at-fault driver can be responsible for multiple types of civil damages, including medical bills, loss of wages, pain, and suffering. They may also be held accountable for their “reckless conduct,” in the form of punitive damages, which can also be awarded to the victim.

As the victim, you are not required to hire a personal injury attorney to assist in your case; however, the outcome is often better when you do. Unfortunately, insurance companies that will be required to pay compensation may not act fairly without the involvement of a personal injury attorney. Generally speaking, to receive compensation, the victim must file their civil suit before the state’s deadline or statute of limitations; each state has different laws and guidelines regarding this.

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