When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

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A personal injury in a broad definition is any type of physical or mental injury to a person with either short or long term consequences.  Most commonly, this type of injury is secondary to a work related incident, automobile accident, medical malpractice, or fall on someone else’s property.  Handling a personal injury claim without legal representation does not generally lead to the most successful outcome; however, if the injury sustained is minor and the damages are minimal, hiring a personal injury lawyer may not make sense.  Some examples of when you need a personal injury lawyer include automobile accidents with severe injury, medical malpractice of any kind, or work related injuries with long-term consequences.


It is important to remember that the majority of personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation of your personal injury claim and offer legal advice to continue independently or with representation.  Generally speaking, during the initial consultation the plaintiff will learn what their claim is worth in monetary damages, punitive damages as well as further address short and long term consequences related to the injury.   The working knowledge of an experienced personal injury lawyer is irreplaceable with the necessary navigation of insurance companies, state laws, and receiving a maximum settlement.


Medical malpractice:  Any form of medical malpractice personal injury is an example of when you would need a personal injury lawyer.  Medical malpractice is defined by thelawdictionary.com as the improper or poor performance of a physician, dentist or a medical professional.  Some examples of medical malpractice personal injuries are medication errors, neglect, secondary infections, surgical errors or injuries sustained at birth. These cases are often extremely complicated and lead to mediation, negotiation and usually a trial, all which require legal representation. 


Life changing or severe injuries:  These injuries are commonly related to an automobile accident or while at work and are also examples of when you would need a personal injury lawyer.  Identifying relevant monetary compensation, future medical bills, and treatment and cost of recovery should be handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer.


Insurance:  Personal injuries result in pain, possible lost wages, treatment, and unwanted stress.  Insurance companies, despite your coverage or type of injury, attempt to pay the least amount possible.   A personal injury lawyer will undoubtedly be able to negotiate a higher settlement and avoid the insurance run around.


Experiencing a personal injury becomes more than just the injury; it becomes a claim with a long process.  If you think you are in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact Reginald Keith Davis, Attorney at Law for a free consultation.  He is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.


Disclaimer:  This information is very brief for the nature of the content and is not legal advice or meant to replace a legal consultation.